Monday, December 17, 2012

In Response to debates on various forums regarding Gun control.

I don't see anywhere in the Bible that Jesus proposed that each individual must carry weapons to protect himself.

In fact he said "those who live by the sword shall die by the sword".

America has got it all mixed up between Capitalism with the majority chasing the so called "American dream" and true Bible based Christianity. 

Yes there are many things good about the nation of America, but somehow there is enough foolishness in the sole pursuit of money, luxury, power and self-gratification coupled with the blind individualistic pursuit of material success and happiness. 

The biggest sins of America is Arrogance, Being Over-fed and largely unconcerned for their neighbours; this apart from the collective societal sins of Divorce, Abortion and Sexual Promiscuity.

Instead of shedding a tear in such a tragedy, there are only endless debates between lobbyists.
Guns are promoted by money hungry corporations who scheme wars around the world to fill their pockets.

Guns for self-protection is one thing and young teenagers carrying automatic weapons quite another. It is height of absurdity that American law makers are not learning the lessons even after so many school, theatre and public place shoot-outs across the US.

If you have to use weapons to protect your freedom individually, then America as a nation has lost the plot already. 

Hope better sense prevails and not just corporate greed for super normal profits.

All the above is a heartfelt idealism; but alas! we are not in the Millennial Kingdom yet!!!

Here is the Real Deal... 

The Obama Administration is getting behind Gun Control for all the wrong reasons & wrong intentions. Policies are getting framed which not only adversely affect USA but also the whole democratic world.

  1. You cannot have a Police State and say it is Democracy and land of the Free at the same time. 
  2. Legitimizing illegal immigrants en-mass only destabilizes a nation. 
  3. Freedom & Truthfulness of the Press is quashed with power or worst-still is bought at a price.
  4. Citizen's Privacy is considered a cuss word. Every aspect of every american citizens life is snooped onto.
  5. Changing laws within the US military and FBI to accept Islamic clerics as chaplains and that the Quran as the Word of God while parallely stereo-typing Christians as Extremists bigots; doesn't auger well for the USA.
  6. Supporting a Foreign Policy of Attacking Taliban & Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan while pouring Billions of Dollars of Aid & Arms to the same group fighting in Syria.
  7. Stock piling bullets for the federal police and building & enhancing prison camps across America smells of something rotten coming on the horizon.     

I need to also add here that the American Govt. by letting the goons and the law-breakers loose from prisons and not controlling the real gun mafia and favoring a martial law system throughout the country with federal policing is going to polarize the people. The American citizens have a right to defend themselves when faced with a threat. This cannot be negated. The clear way forward is for the US Govt. to act within its constitutional limits and carry out its responsibility with the fear of God.

God bless America and praying at this time of grief and shock that the Lord Jesus give’s grace and strength to all the families who lost their precious loved ones in this horrific act.

Thomas Mathew

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